The JADE Earth Initiatives

Environmental Responsibility Program

Our Jade Hearth Initiative focus area aims to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.

We are 95% more paperless compared to 2019.

We avoid the consumption of single-use plastic.

We have set goals to reduce waste usage and implement eco-friendly practices in our operations.

We also support environmental initiatives and partner with organizations that share that commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Ethical Responsibility Program

Our ethical responsibility focuses on promoting ethical behavior and integrity in all our business practices and relationships.

Our code of conduct outlines our ethical standards clearly and comprehensively. For instance, it explicitly prohibits discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment within our workplace. We understand that merely having a code of conduct is insufficient.

We go the extra mile to ensure our employees understand and follow these ethical standards. We provide regular training sessions and workshops on ethical decision-making, conflict resolution, and diversity and inclusion.

These programs empower employees to make ethical choices in daily work and interactions.

We also take our commitment to ethical behavior beyond our organization. We actively seek partnerships with organizations that share our values and promote ethical behavior.

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The JADE Altruistic Initiative

Philanthropic Responsibility Program

Our philanthropic responsibility focus is giving back to the community and supporting social causes.
We support various nonprofit organizations and initiatives that align with our values and mission, such as education, health, and social services.
We encourage our employees to volunteer and donate to these causes and provide opportunities for them to do so.
We actively support various nonprofit organizations and initiatives that align with our values and mission. For instance, we have formed a long-term partnership with local nonprofits dedicated to providing education and mentorship opportunities. 
Since 2003, we have helped nonprofit organizations expand their reach and impact through financial contributions and volunteer efforts.
Alongside education, health and social services are other centers of attention for our philanthropic responsibility.

Jade Volunteer Squad: We believe philanthropy's power extends beyond corporate giving. That's why we actively encourage our employees to get involved. These events strengthen our connection with the community and provide our employees with meaningful opportunities to give back.

The JADE Trailblazing Initiative

Economical Responsibility Program

Our economic responsibility focus aims to create sustainable economic value and growth for the French Business community in the United States. 
We follow fair and transparent business practices and prioritize building long-term relationships with our partners and customers. 
We also pledged to help French entrepreneurs succeed in the United States.
As part of the "Team France Export," we are committed to helping French Businesses to develop themselves in the US market. 
We are also involved locally with the French-American Chambers of Commerce and Business Council in the United States (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa, Texas, and Washington DC).
We also invest in innovation, research, and development to drive economic growth and competitiveness. 
With more than 30 free conferences annually, we'd like to spread our knowledge to the community.

Free Jade Conference: Contact us if your organization wants to know more about French-American taxation or how to set up a business in the United States.

Event & Sponsorship Department

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